-What We Offer-

Advertising Photography

Food photography and Lifestyle photography is the best way to show off your amazing products. As a Los Angeles based food photographer, we want to help your team with it's adverting needs. Let's showcase your creation with gorgeous food photos that tell the story you want your audience to hear. Let's sell them on the idea that their lives are not complete without your food!

Editorial Photography

Another aspect of food photography is editorial work. Cookbooks, magazines, food sites! To us, there is the most freedom in these types of projects because the end result is more about the feel, mood and storytelling of food photography, rather than the specific idea of "selling" the products as in advertising work. We love working with editors and creators of these everyday works of art!

Products On White

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of adverting and marketing are the Products on White shots. As a food photographer, packaging is an important part of our industry. Shooting pictures of your items and giving them a nice, clean white background, shows off your product in a simple way. Now with sites such as Instacart and big retailers like Target and Walmart selling products online, it's important to have shots taken of all sides of the packaging. That way a customer can clearly see what they are buying. Food photography isn't always just glamour shots of food! Sometimes the simple shots sell. 

Social Media Campaigns

Quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of food photography is the social media campaign shoots. As the advertising and marketing worlds collide with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, there is a real need for companies to have images that not only show the delicious ways to enjoy their products but also feature the packaging itself. That way the buyer can easily identify what the product looks like on the shelf after seeing it used in "real life" on Instagram. Our studio knows the world of social media and how to been seen and liked. These are on-going campaigns at reduced prices because we know mass amounts of content is needed!  


Retouching images is one of the talents we have behind the scenes. The food stylist can sort through thousands of hamburger buns, but never find one without all the cracks and dents. Strawberries are never quite as bright as you believe them to be. And even the most beautiful model has flaws. Trust us. But those realities don't sell food! Would you really be tempted to go buy that burger if it looked on TV and in ads the way it looks when they toss it in your bag? Nope. Photography retouching allows us to get what we want out of a food or lifestyle shoot by getting more things done on the studio shoot day, then fixing flaws, tears, breaks or blemishes in post-production. Food photography and retouching are best friends!